by Riot Conduct

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Recorded by Boab in Southside
Mixed and Mastered by Scott Rockingham


released March 18, 2016



all rights reserved


Riot Conduct Scotland, UK

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Track Name: Deprivation
The biggest threat to myself
Is myself and nothing else
Although i seem at peace with me
I'll always think of what could have been

With this mask i've learned to hide
How fucking dead i am inside
All I hear is empty words
I thought I would've meant much more

You mean much more than you'll ever know

I'm just trying to make sense of whats in my head
Track Name: Riot Style
You talk of tomorrow, aint listening today,
you've lost our respect for the games that you've played,
we've tried to confront you, but can't see the use,
over and over with that same old excuse.

dragging us down and holding us back, riot conduct on the attack
Track Name: State Warfare
Creating oppression, a tool to control, forced submission, how far can we go?
We stand together, you look the other way , You break your word and you feed our hate.
A vicious cycle, the outcome unjust, all that matters is the cutting of costs. Social deprivation, pretend that you care, the time has come, state warfare.

Privatise to cater your own, Corrupt enforcement and jails overflown,
slight of hand - deception unseen, blue fucking blood on the gulliotine. Hidden agenda, creating control, masking extortion, disorder unfolds. Democracy failing, pretend that you care. State warfare
Track Name: Influx
Turn your back, know your place
From day one a fucking fake
Claim to be a crucial part
What the fuck did you give us?
Dropped it all for something else
We don't need your fucking help
There's nothing you can do
When the riot comes for you

Influx, influx, influx - you're on your own
Influx, influx, influx - time to dispose
Track Name: Snake Pit
I'm glad that you fucking hate us, true colours, you're so full of shit.
If you think that i'm gonna fucking change, fuck you snake pit fuck you snake pit

I can't look you in the eyes
You pushed me too far this time
Keep your distance, know the rules
Before i crack your fucking skull